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Dearman is a technology company delivering clean ‘cold and power’

Transport Refrigeration

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Auxiliary Power Unit

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Heat Hybrid

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Dearman technologies uniquely harness liquid nitrogen to deliver zero-emission power and cooling.

Dearman is developing and demonstrating a portfolio of proprietary technologies, products and services, which deliver significant reductions in operating cost, fuel usage and emissions, all at low capital cost.

How society delivers clean and sustainable cold is a major issue, given the global challenges of food scarcity, changing demographics and growing energy demand.

Dearman, with its cutting-edge clean cold and power technologies, and world-class engineering expertise, is well-placed to make the world a cleaner and cooler place.

The Dearman Engine

At the heart of our technology portfolio is the Dearman engine, a novel piston engine powered by liquid air/nitrogen – that generates both cold and power from a single tank of ‘fuel’.


The Dearman Transport Refrigeration System

The Dearman Transport Refrigeration Unit is the first to meet all environmental challenges – and set new industry performance standards – all without having to compromise on cost.

  • Zero emission at point of use

  • Low Carbon

  • Quiet

  • Superior performance

  • High power & efficiency

  • Simple to integrate into fleet

  • Highest level of service

  • Cost competitive

Where other TRU technologies pose tough choices between competing priorities, the Dearman TRU enables companies to enhance their sustainability.

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Dearman zero emission transport refrigeration system

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