HFC deal is far from ‘job done’ – Toby Peters

2017-05-22T16:47:20+00:00 October 19th, 2016|Viewpoints|

Last week’s global deal to phase out HFC refrigerant gases signed in Rwanda received a rapturous reception. Coming just ten days after the world ratified the Paris climate treaty, this narrower technical agreement should have struggled to capture headlines, but far from it. US Secretary of State John Kerry declared [...]

A cool route to addressing global challenges

2017-01-17T16:27:54+00:00 October 6th, 2016|Viewpoints|

As experts gather in London to debate game-changing technologies in agriculture, Toby Peters suggests that clean cold is one of the keys to food security, climate and health and needs to play a central role in tomorrow’s agriculture. World agriculture faces a daunting array of apparently contradictory challenges. The sector [...]

Uncertainty mustn’t de-rail progress on pollution – Toby Peters

2017-05-22T16:47:20+00:00 July 5th, 2016|Viewpoints|

It’s an unusual perspective, but recent high profile discoveries about the impact of diesel emissions have been good for our health. For years we lived under the cosy misconception that diesel is good for the environment. That modern engines are efficient and any marginal increase in local pollution would be [...]

Skills and innovation: mind the gap – Michael Ayres

2017-05-22T16:47:21+00:00 March 3rd, 2016|Viewpoints|

Not long ago, the Engineering and Technology Board published a figure estimating that in 2014, the engineering sector contributed 27% of the UK’s GDP – that’s £455.6 billion. But while engineering is vital to our economy, we cannot take its future for granted. The industry faces well-documented skills gaps and [...]

European Commission highlights innovative liquid air technology – Laura Gilmore

2017-05-22T16:47:21+00:00 February 26th, 2016|Viewpoints|

The European Commission is taking on the ambitious task of developing a continent wide ‘Energy Union’. This has the potential to improve the efficiency of the way we generate, distribute and use energy across the whole of Europe. When we talk about energy people generally assume we mean electricity. Power [...]

Interview: Nick Owen discusses Dearman’s test programme

2017-05-22T16:47:24+00:00 January 26th, 2016|Viewpoints|

Dearman’s zero-emission transport refrigeration system is undergoing final-phase closed-road trials ahead of commercial deployment this year. But what is involved in testing a brand-new technology and making it ready for the real world? What has it taken to get to this stage? Nick Owen discusses the final phase of testing. [...]

Why cold needs to go off-piste – Toby Peters

2017-05-22T16:47:24+00:00 January 21st, 2016|Viewpoints|

As the world’s leaders descend on the ski resort of Davos once more, they will have come prepared for a snowy climate. Given the sub-zero temperatures they’ll face, the planet’s growing need for cooling is unlikely to be high on their agendas. But if we want to build a sustainable [...]

Cooling a warming world – Toby Peters

2017-01-10T16:20:47+00:00 December 1st, 2015|Viewpoints|

As the world’s leaders come together to discuss climate change, cold should be on the agenda. It sounds counterintuitive, but cooling must be part of the debate around global warming.  Cooling is currently part of the problem, and it’s getting worse, but it could become an important part of the [...]

Interview: an introduction to liquid nitrogen – Nick Owen

2017-05-22T16:47:25+00:00 November 5th, 2015|Viewpoints|

When we think about fuel, we generally think about something that burns – wood, coal, diesel. Since the age of steam, and later the advent of the internal combustion engine, power has come from heat. So, it may seem counterintuitive to say that power can be extracted from a liquid [...]

An avalanche is coming – it’s time to do something – Toby Peters

2017-05-22T16:47:25+00:00 October 28th, 2015|Viewpoints|

In the UK we take cold for granted. We can always buy food that has been kept cold from farm to fork. We don’t consider the energy required to keep vaccines cold. And when we update Facebook, the amount of cooling needed by data centres doesn’t cross people’s minds. But providing [...]