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Dearman Technologies

Liquid nitrogen (or liquid air) is kept at minus 196C – warm it even a few degrees and it becomes a gas, expanding 710 times in volume. The pressure from this expansion can drive a piston and deliver not only power, but also cooling. It only exhausts clean air back to the atmosphere.

This process is at the core of the technologies Dearman is developing, which can be applied in a range of applications –

Kept at minus -196C
Expands 710 times

In each of these applications, Dearman technologies deliver:

  • savings on fuel and operating costs
  • immediate improvements in local air quality
  • quick pay-back (a few months to a year)

Dearman has further products in the pipeline, which have mainstream markets in multiple geographies, and can make a robust business case without subsidy or policy change or legislation.

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