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Dearman Heat Hybrid

Hybrid systems can increase fuel efficiency in urban areas by up to 30%. The most common hybrid systems seek to harness braking energy in kinetic or electrical recovery systems, and then use it when the primary engine would be operating inefficiently. Hybrid systems for large vehicles are expensive, hard to retrofit, and without subsidy the economics are insufficiently attractive for them to be deployed.

However, typically vehicles lose about two thirds of the available energy in their fuel as waste heat. Heat recovery technologies to capture high-grade waste heat have been developed, but in urban settings insufficient heat is generated to make these technologies economically viable.

There is an alternative. A Dearman engine working alongside a diesel engine – a heat hybrid. Dearman technology is capable of offering a unique combination of heat recovery and hybrid power, delivering similar levels of fuel saving to other hybrid systems, but at a much lower cost, resulting in a comparatively rapid payback.

The advantages of a Dearman heat hybrid include:

  1. Unlike other state-of-the-art technologies, the Dearman heat hybrid can convert low-grade waste heat from a diesel-powered internal combustion engine into shaft power at high efficiencies.
  2. The Dearman heat hybrid and internal combustion engine can be used individually or together to meet the power requirements of the vehicle
  3. A Dearman heat hybrid would allow the internal combustion engine to be downsized and operated more efficiently to achieve a fuel saving of up to 25%
  4. Because of the Dearman heat hybrid’s low cost, it would be possible to achieve payback in less than three years in many scenarios.

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