Dearman Transport Refrigeration System

Dearman has set out to produce the first transport refrigeration system that’s engineered entirely without compromise. Utilising the ground-breaking, liquid nitrogen powered Dearman Engine, the Dearman system is being developed to offer industry leading performance, zero-emission and quiet operations, all without having to compromise on cost.

Where other systems force operators to make tough choices, Dearman will enable companies to enhance their sustainability, to address concerns about emissions and noise and to improve operational flexibility. Governments and local authorities have recognised the role that transportation and logistics play in issues of air quality and climate change. Dearman is working with operators to help them address these challenges, while maintaining the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Dearman Skid Unit

Simple & Reliable

Dearman’s piston technology looks a lot like a diesel engine. It’s made out of conventional materials, like aluminium, and by established automotive suppliers. This allows it to be produced at lower cost, but with improved reliability. Dearman is also working with experts like Hubbard and Air Products to deliver efficient and reliable refrigeration and cryogenic systems.

Liquid nitrogen supply can be readily arranged and maintained by Air Products’ widespread network and filling takes minutes. The system operates from a digital controller, with in-cab controls, and comes with in-built Secure-Cold, allowing temperature to be maintained even in the unlikely event of a mechanical failure.


The Dearman transport refrigeration system incorporates the best of cryogenic refrigeration systems, coupled with a Dearman Engine for extra efficiency and a vapour compression refrigeration cycle for extra performance. The Dearman system can deliver rapid pull down rates and high cooling capacity, with maximum efficiency.

It is 50% more efficient in producing cooling compared to systems that rely on evaporation alone, and generates its own power to run ancillary systems. The result is a system that can be configured to meet customer requirements and that’s able to support even the most demanding duty cycles.

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Dearman’s transport refrigeration system is zero-emission, with absolutely no NOx or PM. Replacing a conventional diesel powered refrigeration unit with a Dearman system can reduce a truck’s overall engine PM emissions by over 90% and NOx emissions by over 70%.

At the same time, Dearman’s high-efficiency system can deliver significant reductions in CO2 and prevent the need for vehicle idling.


The Dearman Engine is made of conventional materials, with nothing rare or exotic. The cooling power of liquid nitrogen also allows the vapour compression refrigeration system to be downsized significantly. As a result, the purchase or lease costs of a Dearman system can be kept in line with diesel equivalents.

The power generated by the Dearman Engine also delivers greater efficiency than simple cryogenic systems and reduced liquid nitrogen consumption. Innovative transport refrigeration doesn’t have to cost the earth.


Dearman’s transport refrigeration system is quiet. Studies have suggested that night time operation, with less congestion, can reduce fleet CO2 emissions by up to 30%.

The Dearman system will comply with tough night time noise standards, potentially allowing a fleet to operate more efficiently and effectively, without disturbing customers or breaching local regulations.

How does the system work?

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