Dearman wins National Air Quality Award

2017-07-05T11:34:16+00:00 November 11th, 2016|Awards, Dearman News|

Dearman, the clean cold technology company, has been awarded a National Air Quality Award.

Dearman’s zero-emission transport refrigeration system, which has been developed in partnership with Hubbard Products and Air Products, has fought off stiff competition to win the ‘Innovation in Air Quality Technology’ category at this year’s awards.

The Dearman Engine is a novel piston engine that uses the expansion of liquid nitrogen to provide zero-emission power and cooling. It is being developed for use in applications across transport, logistics and the built environment. In each of its applications, Dearman technology will provide a cost competitive, high performance alternative to polluting diesel systems, enabling significant improvements to local air quality wherever they operate.

The Dearman transport refrigeration system is the most advanced application of Dearman technology, and is currently undergoing operational on the road trials, delivering refrigerated food to stores across London.

Conventional diesel transport refrigeration systems are lightly regulated and can emit up to 29 times as much particulate matter and six times as much NOx as a modern truck engine. The Dearman alternative emits no NOx, no particulate matter, and offers significant long-term CO2 savings.

Replacing a diesel powered auxiliary transport refrigeration unit with a Dearman system can reduce the overall NOx emissions from the vehicle by over 70% and diesel particulate emissions by over 90%.

Discussing the nomination, Toby Peters, Founder and CEO of Dearman said: “Air quality is one of the great challenges that we face in the UK and around the world. Diesel undoubtedly has a role to play for many years to come, but we must accept that it’s highly polluting and ensure that it’s only used where it’s most needed and where it will do the least harm. Using diesel to keep food cold in densely populated urban communities doesn’t fit that bill and we should be urgently looking for zero emission alternatives.

He added: “The Dearman system can provide a high efficiency, cost effective and zero-emission alternative and we are very pleased that the potential of the technology has already been recognised by these respected awards. There are lots of exciting air quality innovations being developed at the moment, and we faced stiff competition, but we very proud to have been successful.”

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