Meet the Dearman Engine at the CV Show

2017-01-10T16:20:45+00:00 April 26th, 2016|Dearman News|

Dearman has put its ground breaking, zero emission technology on public display for the first time at the CV Show.

The Dearman Engine is revolutionary. Rather than burning diesel, it uses the expansion of extremely cold liquid nitrogen to produce a ready supply of power and also cold. Dearman has harnessed that unique combination – cold & power – to develop, amongst other things, an efficient, cost effective and high performance transport refrigeration system, which emits no harmful NOx or dangerous particulate matter. It’s also quiet, providing operators with maximum flexibility, and can deliver significant CO2 savings.

Having been developed and tested behind closed doors in labs and on test tracks for years, today’s opening day of the CV show is the first time that a complete Dearman engine has ever been displayed in public.

Any company with a fleet of refrigerated vehicles, that’s concerned about pollution and the possible impact of future emissions regulations, or that would like to learn about innovative high performance technology can visit Dearman on the Hubbard Products stand – Stand 3E110, at Birmingham NEC. Dearman technology experts will be available to discuss how we could work together.

More information about the zero-emission Dearman transport refrigeration system is available here.