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Established in late 2011, Dearman is already building an international reputation for innovation, rigour, commercial acumen and engineering excellence.

Dearman is developing a suite of zero-emission technologies, powered by the expansion of liquid air or nitrogen. The technologies have applications in refrigerated transport, the built environment and commercial vehicles, such as city buses. Across these applications, Dearman technologies deliver significant cost and fuel savings to the operator, and environmental benefit to the local area.

Dearman delivers more than excellence in engineering. In-house techno-economic analysis and expertise in business economics are central to the comprehensive services the company can provide. Dearman’s multi-disciplinary teams are able to understand the challenges facing customers – cost reduction, environmental responsibility or licence to operate. The teams’ expertise are geared to helping customers to meet their needs in the most cost-effective and environmental way possible.

The company has attracted significant investment to date and continues to grow. With a deep network across industry and academia, Dearman is working to effect systemic change in the way cold and power is provided globally.

In 2015, the Dearman Clean Cold & Power Technology Centre was opened just outside London. The custom-built facility enables the company’s engineering, design, low-volume manufacture and R&D to happen alongside the company’s other activities.

As the world faces global challenges of food scarcity, resource depletion, increasing population and growing energy demand, how we deliver clean and sustainable cold is a major issue. Dearman, with its cutting-edge clean cold and power technology, and world class engineering know-how, is well placed to help address the global challenges of food, energy and water – all of which are underpinned by a need for cold.

Dearman technology uniquely harnesses liquid air to deliver zero-emission power and cooling. It is developing and demonstrating a portfolio of proprietary technologies, products and services, which deliver significant reductions in operating cost, fuel usage and emissions, at low capital cost. With these technologies, the Company will deliver environmental and economic benefit.

There is a significant market opportunity presented by the demand for cold and power. Dearman is well placed to take advantage of this, creating jobs and developing new skills in the UK. Dearman’s vision extends further – the Company will actively build capacity in and transfer knowledge to the rapidly industrialising countries where cold demand is booming.

The company is already building an international reputation for innovation, rigor, commercial acumen and engineering excellence, all to fulfil its primary objective – to make the world a cleaner, cooler place.

Today, Dearman delivers engineering expertise across a portfolio of new technology, engine and full system design and integration, and the associated control systems. The company has ambitious targets to deliver rapid growth – this spirit of ambition reflects the origins of the company’s core technology.

The first Dearman engine was the brainchild of Peter Dearman, a lifelong inventor and engineer. Preoccupied since the 1960s with the question of what the world would be like without fossil fuels, and inspired by the concept of using cryogens as ‘fuel’, Peter developed an engine powered by the expansion of liquid nitrogen. Using the same core principles that underpin Dearman technology today, Peter’s engine delivered zero-emission power and lots of cold. Peter is still actively involved in the company’s technology development.

The unique element of Dearman engine technology is the use of heat exchange fluid (warm water and glycol) to achieve a near-constant rate of expansion in the engine’s chamber – this has led to the engine’s development as a viable technology for applications in commercial transport and the built environment.

In these applications the technology delivers zero-emission power and cooling, meaning significant reductions in NOx, CO2 and particulate emissions and an improvement in local air quality. For operators, cutting diesel consumption means the the technologies will provide substantial economic savings in addition to the environmental benefit.

In 2015, Dearman (the company) attracted £19.5 million of investment (excluding grant funding). The company continues to grow, with activity now focused in its new facility, the Dearman Technology Centre, just outside London – the first dedicated clean cold and power technology development centre in the world.

The desire to tackle the future of energy resonates with Dearman’s vision – to drive innovation and make the world a cleaner, cooler place.

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