Cold chain experts attended workshops organised by the Birmingham University in Nanjing and Guangzhou to discuss sustainable cold technology that won’t heat up the planet.

China and UK collaboration will bring together novel ways to produce and store cold including harnessing renewables waste heat and cold and ICT integration and big data and whole system design, as well existing logistics infrastructure and operational expertise.

With innovative clean cold technology at various levels of development and the zero emission Dearman-Hubbard Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) in use and on the road with some of Europe’s largest retailers Dearman’s involvement with Birmingham University’s Clean Cold Roadshow was a chance to showcase Dearman’s technologies and research in the cold chain sector.

The roadshow was lead by Professors Yulong Ding and Toby Peters, from the University of Birmingham, with Professors Xiaosong Zhang and Ruhe Xie respectively from Southeast University in Nanjing and Guangzhou University.

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Dearman is pioneering the development of clean liquid air technology

Established in late 2011, Dearman is developing a suite of zero-emission technologies, powered by the expansion of liquid air or nitrogen.

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Peter Dearman inventor of the Dearman Engine