It is 17 years since it was invented, but could the time come at last for the Dearman liquid nitrogen engine?

The current focus on reducing emissions from road transport – both local pollutants such as NOx and particulates and greenhouse gases like CO2 – means that, 17 years after its invention, the time might at last have come for the Dearman liquid nitrogen engine.

From its workshops and laboratories in London, the 100-strong Dearman Engine Company team has perfected a truck refrigeration unit (TRU) that has undergone successful trials with leading operators and finally looks set to rise up the innovation S-curve from invention to commercial volume production.

Dearman zero emission Transport Refrigeration

The Dearman Transport Refrigeration Unit is the first to meet all environmental challenges – and set new industry performance standards – all without having to compromise on cost.

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The Dearman Hubbard zero emission transport refrigeration unit