Dearman’s Chief Engineer, Henry Clarke gave a talk about the liquid nitrogen-fuelled Dearman Engine at the Birmingham University for the Automobile Division of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

The talk covered the development and applications of the Dearman Engine and the role the clean cold experts from Birmingham University research has played in helping Dearman’s development of its novel piston driven engine making headway in the market.

The Dearman Engine is a lot like a high-pressure steam engine but driven by the expansion of liquid nitrogen or liquid air. The low boiling temperature of liquid nitrogen means that ambient heat can be used as a heat source, eliminating the need for traditional fuel.

The only emission from the Dearman Engine is air or nitrogen, with no harmful emission of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) or Particulate Matters (PMs).

Commenting, Henry Clarke, Dearman’s Chief Engineer said:

“On an engineering level the Dearman Engine appeals, but as someone who’s conscious for the need for clean, sustainable cold this talk at Birmingham University for IMechE gave me the chance to emphasize the possibilities and flexibility the Dearman System has for cooling.”

The talk also hit upon Dearman’s achievements since its founding in 2011, and the applications on the road and in use by some of Europe’s most environmentally conscious retailers and in the development of new automotive applications. From the Dearman Technology Centre in London, Dearman has been able to deliver sustainable clean cold and power. Cooling without the warming.

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The Dearman Transport Refrigeration Unit is the first to meet all environmental challenges – and set new industry performance standards – all without having to compromise on cost.

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