With the expansion of the Dearman Technology Centre, Dearman has grown and developed, with more Dearman zero-emission technology on the road and in use by some of Europe’s largest retailers.

The increase in floor space has allowed Dearman to not only grow its workforce – to now over 80 engineers, developers, designers and other specialists – but also expand and invest in new trailers and technological advancements, including the development of a vertical front-mount refrigerated transport unit for future deployments in the Americas and Europe.

The prevalence of the front mounted refrigerated units in the US, Europe and beyond means the Dearman-Hubbard unit will have a slimmer fit and closer more efficient integration with the refrigeration system. The new front mount will still have all the benefits of the current Dearman-Hubbard system – zero emission, superior cooling, quiet and cost-effective – but will allow more fleet operators to run their logistics the same way they used to and maximise their payload.

The Dearman Technology Centre was officially opened by then-Minster of State for Universities and Science, Jo Johnson in September 2015. Since then Dearman has applied its revolutionary liquid nitrogen fuelled engine to numerous applications including, heat hybrid bus, green data centre, transport refrigeration and has made further durability, efficiency and power improvements to its zero-emission engine.

Just 7 years ago Dearman and clean cold were nothing more than ideas, today the Dearman Technology Centre in London – with its partners – is deploying real-world technology and is perfectly placed to deliver sustainable clean cold and power, and make the world a cleaner cooler place.

Dearman is pioneering the development of clean liquid air technology

Established in late 2011, Dearman is developing a suite of zero-emission technologies, powered by the expansion of liquid air or nitrogen.

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Peter Dearman inventor of the Dearman Engine