Environment Secretary Michael Gove today (22nd May) launched the Government’s major strategy to clean up Britain’s polluted air.

The Clean Air Strategy also refers to Dearman’s innovative work to develop zero emission transport refrigeration, particularly our successful trial with supermarket giant Sainsbury’s. That our pioneering work has been cited by government is a real tribute to our hardworking staff who drive Dearman forward every day.

Sainsbury’s own official announcement at the time makes it clear how trailblazing the project was- the supermarket became the world’s first to trial a truck cooled by a liquid nitrogen engine.

Since then Dearman has only gone from strength to strength. In recent weeks, we have been proud to announce projects with Unilever and Marks & Spencer.

A tweet from Unilever’s global CEO speaks for itself:
“Great partnership with Unilever and Dearman working to our goal of making our transport system as green as possible – win for the environment and for business #carbonfree”.

Transport refrigeration is an area that urgently needs an effective and affordable zero emission alternative to current diesel technologies. At the moment, diesel transport refrigeration units can emit up to 29 times as much particulate matter and six times as much nitrogen oxide as a main Euro 6 diesel engine.

To truly support the uptake of zero emission technologies like ours, government must do two things:

  1. It must end the access to cheaper red diesel for current transport refrigeration units. I was pleased that last week, Treasury minister formally launched a consultation on this.
  2. Local government must be given the powers to further regulate transport refrigeration units. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has particularly asked for this, and the Clean Air Strategy looks set to give him those powers.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the climate for diesel transport refrigeration is toughening. Dearman has an innovative, affordable solution and we are here to help fleet operators get ahead of the curve.

Scott Mac Meekin
Chief Executive