Dearman is committed to delivering positive economic, environmental and societal impact.


Preventing further damage to the environment, and improving it where possible, are core to Dearman’s values. There is a company-wide commitment to meeting the challenges of operating in as sustainable a way as possible. Dearman policies encourage employees to be conscious of the quantity and nature of the resources they use – from electricity to paper and fuel.

Using materials that can be easily recycled or safely disposed of is paramount, and this attitude is applicable to Dearman’s proprietary technology. Consuming no fossil fuel, at the point of use a Dearman engine is zero-emission – this will deliver significant and immediate improvements in local air quality. Equally, Dearman technology contains no precious or rare elements, so disposal and recycling can be absorbed by existing infrastructure safely and ethically. These characteristics will enable the company to deliver technologies in whose integrity and credentials employees, partners and shareholders can take pride.


Dearman provides the vision, culture and environment to empower staff to be confident, motivated, entrepreneurial and help drive the business forward; while equally ensuring the business is kept under prudent control and acts legally and responsibly towards its shareholders, employees, business partners and society as a whole.

Dearman’s founders believe that having inspiring and motivated people around you makes innovation and personal growth possible. The company invests in skills and personal development, attracting and retaining the right people. Dearman celebrates individual and team achievement openly, encouraging mutual support and creating an environment in which innovation can thrive. Dearman operates equal opportunity employment, and actively seeks out opportunities for paid internships, placements and apprenticeships.

Supporting the development and transfer of skills is not confined to Dearman’s employees – it is integral to the company’s plan and commercial ethos. The aspiration is that the global roll-out of Dearman technology will catalyse an uptake of careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These STEM skills are vital because they underpin sustainable economic growth.

Vision-led Innovation

Dearman is building an international reputation for innovation in thinking, rigour in analysis and excellence in engineering, to fulfil the objective of making the world a cleaner, cooler place.

As the company continues to grow and develop, it will still retain the essence of a start-up – putting innovation at the heart of the business and encouraging employees to capture opportunities. Enthusiasm and belief in the Company’s vision are what will continue to drive innovation and see Dearman transition from disruptive technology to sector leadership.

It is the willingness and drive to go the extra mile that will make future product development possible. It is that passion that will continue to attract and enthuse world-leading business partners and high-level supporters. And it is the Company’s commitment to stay true to its vision that will ultimately enable Dearman technologies to deliver the greatest benefit to environments, economies and societies globally.

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