Evaluating the benefits of a Dearman TRU

To analyse the further benefits of a Dearman TRU, we have investigated the potential of a Dearman TRU to reduce food loss. Further Dearman advantages that have not been quantified in this analysis, like its low noise capability, would have the potential to further reduce the CO2eq emissions associated with the cold chain (e.g. by enabling night-time delivery and therefore reducing day-time congestion).

According to data from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, 30% of food is wasted globally. Therefore, the carbon footprint of global food wastage is estimated at 3.3 gigatonnes or 3.6 gigatons of CO2eq annually, at 2.4 kgCO2eq per kg of food wasted.

Additionally, out of the 30% of food wasted, approximately 5% occurs during transport in developed countries, which is the equivalent of approximately 86 million tonnes or 95 million tons of CO2eq in developed countries alone. By dividing this amount of CO2eq by the current global TRU population, each refrigerated vehicle could be said to be responsible for approximately 34 tonnes or 37 tons of CO2eq emitted. Dearman technology would therefore have the potential to reduce the CO2eq emissions by an additional 34 tonnes or 37 tons of CO2eq per vehicle.

The final step to estimate the maximum potential impact of deploying Dearman technology has been to multiply the emission savings factor by the TRU population size.

The current TRU population size has been estimated by aggregating different sources for the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, US, China and India.

We also estimated what the TRU population could be in a decade’s time, in 2028, and factored in three different scenarios of economic growth.

Finally, we multiplied the emission saving factor by the forecast 2028 TRU population to obtain the maximum potential of Dearman’s environmental impact. A Dearman TRU’s environmental impact at maximum scale is approximately 0.73 gigatonnes or 0.81 of CO2eq per annum.


Dearman zero emission Transport Refrigeration

The Dearman Transport Refrigeration Unit is the first to meet all environmental challenges – and set new industry performance standards – all without having to compromise on cost.

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